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We care about our Missionaries
At Open Door Baptist we support and partner with missionaries and ministries to bring the Good News to all people

1. Baptist Mid-Missions

2. F.B.M.I  Website:

3. Asian Children's Foundation, Inc 


4. Independent Faith Missions  Website:

5. True Light Baptist Church

6. Fundamental Baptist Home Mission, Inc

7. Prayer Baptist Missions Int'l

8. International Gospel Missions

9. Beacon World Missions

10. Rock of Ages Prison Ministry, Inc

11. Victory Baptist Missions Int'l

12. Fundamental Baptist World-Wide Mission

13. Baptist International Missions, Inc

14. Macedonia World Baptist Missions, Inc

15. Craftsman For Christ Ministry

16. Teddy Hank Williams

17. Tabernacle Baptist Missions Intl.

18. Calvary Baptist Church

19. New Grace Missions

20. Faith Overseas Mission, Inc

21. Baptist World Missions

22. Durham Rescue Mission

23. Vision Baptist Missions

24. RU Recovery Ministries

25. Charles Rodberg

26. ABWE Donor Services

27. Trey Dillon - Elizabeth, CO

Fundamental Baptist Church

28. Bryan Davis

Restoring Love Baptist Church 

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